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5 ULTIMATE TREATMENTS to clear LOWER BACK PAIN and have your CLIENTS REBOOK again and again...

How many times do you see clients come into your clinic presenting with lower back pain??

After all, it is so prevalent in our society…

Estimates from the Australian Bureau of Statistics dated 2017–18 are ALARMING!!

“It is estimated that 70–90% of people will suffer from lower back pain in industrialized countries”

People tend to complain of lower back pain if they have sedentary jobs, during stages of pregnancy, with obesity or increased weight issues, sporting injuries, trips or falls and I guess simply the odd movements required in everyday life.

We use many of the techniques that we learned in college but sometimes they don’t change the pain AT ALL!

We also go to post-grad courses to help learn more ways to address this oh too common problem…

A few of these new skills work well but many of them still lack giving us the power to benefit our clients.

Do you wish you knew how to REALLY break the back of back pain?
Want to UNCOVER the best ways to get rid of muscle or joint-related lower back pain that so many people suffer from??

Downloading this FABULOUS free guide will allow you access to these five techniques that will help you correct, balance, strengthen, support, manage ANY client who presents with LOWER BACK PAIN!!

The guide you will receive contains pages filled with unique, useful and under-utilised maneuvers so that you get the absolute best outcome in the clinic.

Each technique offers a link to watch the entire process on video demonstrated by Paula Nutting. Great to watch over and over and practice on your lower back pain clients.

Happy Learning!

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